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Customize the Aqua Tally with your school or team colors.
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Instructions for an accurate lap count of your training session. 

1. Wet suction cups (located on bottom of the Aqua Tally) and gently push the ends of the device onto a hard, flat surface near the edge of your lane.  Do not exert force on the middle of the Aqua Tally.   

2. There are four (4) beads of one color, then a bead of an alternate color, repeating throughout the Aqua Tally, for a total of 25 beads.  Use these beads like tally marks.  Move all the beads to one end of the Aqua Tally.  Then make each bead count for a certain amount of training (example, 1 bead = 1 lap).  Move a single bead as you complete each lap.   

3. Once your training session is complete, use the Aqua Tally to count the number of laps completed. 


Aqua Tally is proudly Made in the U.S.A.


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