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Customize the Aqua Tally with your school or team colors.
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What People Are Saying About The Aqua Tally

“I have been doing Triathlons over the past few years and keeping up with my laps in the pool has always been a struggle. The Aqua Tally eliminates that challenge. It has actually improved my lap times because I can focus more on my stroke versus trying to keep up with how many laps I swam. I highly recommend the Aqua Tally. It works wonders.”       
-Grant Barron, Sprint Triathlete and Ironman Competitor

 "Aqua Tally is a very simple but efficient way to keep count of swimming laps.  At one time, about the 1000 yards mark, I would lose count and never really know how far I really swam.  Now I can keep an accurate distance and judge my speed while training."        
-Dr. Bill Taylor, Triathlete and Marathoner

“As a triathlete, I use the Aqua Tally every time I do my swimming training and I absolutely love it.”
-Matt Allison, Triathlete

 “I like to keep in shape by swimming laps with a kickboard.  The Aqua Tally is a great way to track my workout, and gives me an accurate report without being a distraction.”   
-Rob Sibole, Senior Athlete 

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